What we do

Community Outreach using MoyreReachTM for Rural Punjab

Community Outreach, specifically in education within the areas of Naya Nangal, Rupnagar, Kurali and Kharar, which lie on NH 21 in Rural Punjab is envisioned through the use of MoyreReachTM. Starting with Education Outreach, our system collects demographic data from local area schools, which is then annotated to serve as input to a mapping layer. The goals of Moyre Labs™ include the following:

  1. Creating a demographics data-base of schools in and around NH21, extending across 4 initially identified townships;
  2. Incorporating techniques to allow for knowledge-exchange between IIT Ropar and local-area schools, in the areas of pure sciences and basic Engineering;
  3. Creating channels for students from IIT to interact with school children, specifically girls, to encourage them to study Engineering or pursue degrees in Mathematics and Sciences;
  4. Early identification of high-potential students in the local area schools; and
  5. Teacher training in local area schools.

This work has been conducted at Moyre Labs™, at the Indian Institute of Technology, Nangal Road, Rupnagar, Punjab 140001.

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