iWiSE Conferences

iWiSE stands for Indian women in science and engineering. The pioneer objective of iWiSE is to conduct conferences to muster the women from all over the country to share their inspirational success stories and to discuss their professional as well as personal ideas. Various women serving as ideals in their respective fields, which are difficult to study, makes the conferences encouraging place for the junior ones working in these technical fields or want to work in these fields and opens the gateways to the glorious future for them.

Besides this it is known to all of us that even today in India women are not endowed with so many rights as they should be, for those women these conferences serve as a platform to open up and present their valuable ideas that could be then worked upon and may yield inevitable results. In spite of this all, different plans and projects regarding how to improvise the present situation of women and how to encourage the women to participate in these conferences are laid during the conferences which also lead to enhancement of leadership qualities among women.

As such there is no certain time and place for the conference to be conducted, but when the need arise iWiSE stands first to sort out.

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